Who We are

If we developed such a diversified and advanced offer over the years, it is mainly out of passion for road freight. Facing the industry changes, designing optimized solutions, or imagining the future of cargo shipping is what keeps us energized.

Ever since its creation nearly 50 years ago, ATC has been cultivating a unique approach to land transport, anchored in innovation and customer care. Market leaders from all industries count on us to give their cargo best-in-class shipping, and we make it a mission to support them at every stage of the process. By owning the largest fleet in the region, a workshop, a spare parts store, a washing station and a smart fueling point, we maximize our flexibility and reactivity. Decades of experience led us to this conclusion: the fastest and safest way to get our customers’ goods to the market, is to control each link in the transport chain. And we do. We are able to handle all operational aspects, from route planning to customs clearance documentation. Effective Quality Management Systems are also in place to ensure customer satisfaction and pave for continual growth.